IPG France provides telemarketing services to car manufacturers, dealership associations, regional offices and individual car dealers. For new vehicles, used vehicles, commercial vehicles and after sales, B2B and B2C.

From appointment services for test-driving new vehicles, over after sales and maintenance to scheduling appointments for practice laps on racetracks,…: IPG offers a multichannel customer care.

IPG takes care of outbound calls, but also of pre-sales requests, such as sending brochures and at the same time propose a test-drive. We also provide premium services, being a facilitator between the shop and the customer for car maintenance appointments.

Over 120 professionals are at the service of your brand and your points of sale, to sell and create business in your workshops.


Referrals automotive industry


What does IPG do for Mitsubishi Motors ?

Presales customer relationship management B2C:

  • Managing inbound calls for the Mitsubishi level 1 customer service
  • Managing documentation requests via phone and e-mail
  • After sales service call for making an appointment at the shop for the first technical control of new vehicles
  • Direct Marketing Campaign follow-up: outbound calls to schedule an appointment
  • Recurring campaigns since 2006

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What does IPG do for Jaguar ?

B2C prospect and customer relationship management:

  • Invitations to events (racetrack tests, static or dynamic presentation of a vehicle,...)
  • Organization and follow-up of these events: registration - modification - cancellation
  • Sending confirmations by e-mail and / or text messages
  • Purchase detection campaigns - scheduling appointments after sending a mailpack

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What does IPG do for Peugeot ?

Customer relationship management used vehicles / presales, B2B and B2C:

  • Peugeot Technical Inspection
    • Setting up a free hotline for the contact details changes of customers
    • Follow-up calls for scheduling appointments at the POS, thanks to a shared calendar on the extranet
    • A satisfaction survey
  • Peugeot Finance
    • Follow-up calls for scheduling appointments at the end of the financial leasing contract
    • A satisfaction survey
  • Peugeot RST: follow-up calls for scheduling appointments to subscribe to a service contract or extended warranty
  • Peugeot Lead Activation: follow-up calls to revive prospects on their project
  • Direct Marketing Campaign follow-up:
    • Follow-up of prospects to schedule an appointment
    • High quality calls with  “hot” prospects

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What does IPG do for Citroën ?

After sales customer relationship management, B2B and B2C:

  • Exclusive DS Service: creation of a customer service cell allowing any DS owner to manage appointments in the shop
  • Pre Technical Control: stimulating POS-appointments through outbound calls thanks to a shared calendar on a dedicated extranet
  • Citroën Satisfaction Workshop: satisfaction survey following an appointment in the shop
  • Other campaigns, depending on the different national after-sales operations

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