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Through the years, IPG France has gathered a lot of knowledge within various industries, among which the Automotive Industry, Insurance, Capital Goods, Press, Telecom & Internet Providers, E-commerce & Direct selling, Food and other industries. The service towards the customer in all these fields of industry makes all the difference and the quality of the customer service today still has an enormous influence on the customer’s choice behavior when different brands are weighed against each other.

Getting launched with IPG France means reaping the benefits of best practices within the industry you belong to.

Discover how IPG France creates added value for successful companies within the different sectors:

IPG France

With their combined experience in the fields of telemarketing and customer services, the call centers of IPG France offer you a comprehensive expertise in telesales and customer service.

IPG France provides tailor-made solutions to develop and retain your customer portfolio. Our expertise goes well beyond that of traditional call centers. We develop multichannel relationships with your customers through real-time monitoring and interaction on social media.

We are ready for tomorrow! The R&D department at IPG France focuses on SRM, for instance the real-time monitoring and interaction on social networks. Gradually, our call centers are converted to full-channel contact centers. Moreover, we anticipate further evolutions in customer relationship practices.